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When It’s Time to Seek Treatment for Meth Addiction

It is extremely rare for someone who uses meth to seek recovery from their addiction on their own. The primary reason for this is the drug’s ability to produce physical pleasure. Snorted, smoked, and injected forms of meth have nearly immediate euphoric effects. The drug enters, and eventually destroys, the pathways in the brain that are responsible for releasing “happy hormones” like dopamine.

Addiction to meth usually becomes the first priority for users. The need to experience the high from meth alters a person’s attitudes toward things like nutrition, social interaction, and making proper life choices. A single interaction with the drug can radically change the way a person behaves.

Noticeable Changes in Methamphetamine Users

The symptoms of meth abuse are strikingly similar to cocaine. In some people, symptoms can be much more pronounced because of certain types of body decay. This is very difficult to witness in a friend or loved one, but it cannot be ignored. Compared to a person’s normal behavior, meth addicts will often,

* Have violent outbursts.

* Lose tremendous amounts of weight quickly.

* Develop tooth, gum, and mucous membrane problems.

* Become secluded, or forget favorite activities.

* Miss appointments, work, and family events to take meth.

* Show little care for their outer appearances.

* Interact with a completely new social circle.

Seeking Treatment for Meth Addiction

Planning an intervention for someone who is addicted to any drug is difficult. This is especially true when it comes to confronting someone about an addiction to meth. Often, meth abusers will react in a harsh way, or indicate the need to become violent. A meth intervention must start with a conversational confrontation. If you are hesitant to do this yourself, enlist the help of a clinical addictions specialist.

Once a person is confronted about their problem, it is absolutely necessary to check them into a recovery center. It is much more beneficial when friends and family arrange treatment. If an person’s meth addiction goes on for long enough, they will inevitably have a run-in with law enforcement. Courts will likely mandate treatment after an expensive jail sentence. If this trauma can be avoided, an addict will have a better chance for complete recovery.

In an Ideal World

Seeking addiction help, or acting on a loved one’s behalf, does not have to wait until a person completely changes for the worse. Initial experiences with meth are extremely powerful. This is true for a person of any age. It is absolutely ideal to confront someone at the first signs of meth use. The earlier a person is confronted about their addiction, the greater the chances will be for preventing future use. There is no exact time proven to have an intervention, but it is always best to do before meth takes its toll on the brain and body.

Crystal meth abuse treatments

Crystal meth abuse treatments

Crystal meth is one of the most dangerous drugs nowadays. It contains highly addictive substances and only from one use; you can get hooked. Unfortunately, it is available on the streets, and it’s a popular choice among teenagers and young adults who want to have some fun, but don’t think about consequences. Once a person gets addicted, it’s challenging to get sober again. Considering meth slowly destroys their brain, they have a hard time distinguishing reality, and this makes their recovery even more challenging. But, if a person has a strong will and wants to get on the right tracks, then there is a way.


Compared to other drugs and protentional dangers, crystal meth detox is a straightforward process and rarely results with any medical complications. But, what should concern the patients is the emotional aspect of rehabs, such as withdrawals and relapses and they are proven to be the most challenging ones. Over the time, severe depression appears as the usual complication of crystal meth withdrawal. The depression can be cured with antidepressants and medical counseling. Patients often experience insomnia, poor concentration, cravings, irritability and increased appetite during this phase.

In some cases, doctors recommend the use of medicines that decrease the symptoms of withdrawal. But, their intake needs to be strictly monitored. Otherwise, they will become just one substitute. Compared to other drugs, crystal meth withdrawal symptoms are relatively mild, and they can be resolved with therapy, meditation, sleep and relaxation techniques. If you are experiencing excessive hunger, then you can eat large portions of nourishing foods. Emotional withdrawal can be challenging for many people, and they can have a hard time to cope with. However, the family support is most important in this situation. A person needs to have someone to who he can rely on.

Rehab options

After your finish detox process, it’s time to enter the rehab program. Many people are ashamed of their condition, and they have a hard time opening to someone. In this case, we would recommend one on one counseling, which can help you revile your worries, stress, and help you find a way to heal. On the other hand, many people chose rehab centers where they work in groups. These meetings a confidential and patient try to explain their experience with drugs and how they managed to overcome it. This can help patients tremendously. First of all, they will realize that they aren’t alone and that millions of people are a fight with the same problem. The rehab center can assist them with their recovery and help them find the right way.

If you are battling the same condition, don’t be afraid to speak and to express your concerns. Seek help from a crystal meth addiction specialists such as The Recovery Village in Colorado.


Dangers of crystal meth

Dangers of crystal meth

Crystal meth is a dangerous and highly addictive substance that can damage person’s body and nervous system. Unfortunately, not many users are aware of this fact, before they start using meth, which later gets them into big trouble. So, here are the risks and conditions that accompany the use of crystal meth.

It may kill your sex drive

In some cases, crystal meth is used to increase the libido of a person, but long-term use can seriously affect your sex drive and cause erectile dysfunction. Many people are mistaken thing meth will help them with their love life and improve their sex drive. But, you can only experience short-term benefits, while meth slowly destroys your body from the inside out. In this case, we would advise anyone to use meth for this purpose because it will do you more harm than good.

It will increase the risk of transmitted sexual diseases

If you engage yourself in risky sexual behavior, or you share needles with other people, then you run a risk of acquiring HIV, AIDS, hepatitis B and C. People who consume meth, then to behave recklessly and have unprotected sex with strangers. It only takes one sexual encounter to get infected with an STD, and this action can change your entire life. Are you ready to risk that much?

It will affect your physical appearance

People who use crystal meth don’t take too much care about their hygiene, and slowly their body starts to deteriorate. Meth can cause hallucinations to the point where you think that ants are crawling under your skin. Crystal meth is highly corrosive and destroys everything that touches, which means your teeth will first to suffer the impact. Also, another problem that appears is the loss of weight and appetite, which will soon cause the damage to your body and weaken your immune system.

Your mental health will decline

Chronic use of crystal meth can cause moodiness, anxiety, delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations. This a severe condition which can affect your entire life. You need to be aware that meth can wreck your mental state and make you feel disoriented and unbalanced. In this case, you will get into a fight more easily, and this will affect not only you but also your family. Be prepared to deal with risk, if you ever decide to try this substance.

It will ruin your personally and professionally

Chronic meth use can make chaos in your personal and professional life. If you try meth once, then you will spend your days trying to repeat the “high” this drug provides. It will cause changes in your brain that lower the impulse control and decrease cognitive abilities. Also, this drug can have a significant impact on your family and career. Once a person starts using this drug, it’s tough to get back on the right track.

Crystal Meth – all you need to know about this substance

Crystal Meth – all you need to know about this substance

Crystal meth is a popular name for the crystal methamphetamine, which is highly addictive and strong drug that affects the central nervous system. This drug is illegal to use and forbidden in all state, but that doesn’t stop people from trying it. Crystal meth comes in clear crystal chunks or shiny blue-white rocks, but also, it’s called ice or glass, and it’s a favorite party drug. Usually, users take a glass pipe and smoke crystal meth, but some users swallow it, snort it or inject it into a vein. People say they experience a quick rush of euphoria shortly after using it. It is dangerous and can damage your body and cause severe psychological problems.

Where does it come from?

Crystal meth is a human-made stimulant, and it’s been on the market for a long time. During the Second World War, soldiers were given meth to keep them alive. Some people take this drug to lose weight and to decrease depression. Nowadays, the only legal meth patients can obtain in tablets that are used in treating obesity. But, it’s rarely used and available only by prescription. Crystal meth is made of an ingredient called pseudoephedrine, which you can find in many cold medicines and it helps ease congestion. Considering this ingredient is used to make meth, the government strictly regulates the of medications that contain pseudoephedrine.

When you can find it

Most of the crystal meth used in the U.S. comes from Mexican super labs. But, there are also small labs in the U.S. and some of them are located in people’s homes. This entire process is highly dangerous because of chemical involved and often causes explosions, which you probably have heard of. Crystal meth is usually on the streets, and people can quickly obtain it if they know the right guy.

How does it make you feel?

After taking crystal meth, people experience the powerful rush, and many get addicted from the start. When this drug is used, a chemical called dopamine floods your brain and regulates your feelings and pleasures, users feel confident and energetic. This is one of the reasons why a person gets addicted so soon, and they will do anything to repeat that feeling, even takes the higher dose.

How can you recognize the person who is using meth?

The person doesn’t care about it personal appearance, losses weight and appetite, have rapid eye movements and dilated pupils, has irregular sleep patterns, it’s twitchy and reacts on every move. In most cases, a user will borrow money, sell possessions, or even steal. Psychotic behavior, mood swings, paranoia, and hallucinations are pretty common sighs as well.